Alina Sulimove - Textile Artists

Alina began creating her first works in the modern macramé technique 8 years ago. For the artist, macramé has become a unique opportunity for self-expression and creativity. This art represents a dynamic and creative direction of handicrafts, which is still inspired by traditional techniques but also integrates modern ideas, materials, and styles. Each piece is a harmony of patterns, playing with texture, volume, and color.

For inquiries, as well as to discuss details and opportunities for collaboration, please write to [email protected] or call 4242123796. To see her new work, visit her Instagram profile @artcottonlines.

Nature vs Progress

Our Savior Lutheran is continuing to support our talented local artists. This month, Debbi Bright presents her NATURE vs PROGRESS art exhibition. 

Debbie is a long-time resident of St. Petersburg Florida. She is a hairdresser by trade. Debbie is a self-taught artist that has been mentored by Judi Dazzio and many other talented artists at Dazzio Art Society in the Art District of St Petersburg Florida. Her paintings may be found in private homes, and corporate collections, both locally, and internationally.
Debbie Bright is a signature member of the International Society of the Acrylic Painters – Florida (ISAP-FL) and has participated in many local benefits.


Turtle Tracks Art

Our Savior Lutheran Church is continuing to support our talented local artists. You have until the end of July to visit Diane’s art exhibition, TURTLE TRACKS ART by DIANE V. RADEL.

“Art and music seem to strike a chord with many people, connecting the viewer to something bigger than themselves. Painting these tracks on canvas would be a lasting tribute to this mama. By following and filling in the flipper patterns with abstract colors and textures-and noting the day and time of each track-I want to capture the sea turtle’s struggle to survive to adulthood and perpetuate her ancient species.” Artist: Diane V. Radel

IG: @dianevradel.art Venue: OSLC www.oursaviorfl.org

The Unity

Our Savior Lutheran Church is continuing to support our talented local artists. You have until May 12th to visit the art exhibition. The collection of work titled, “The UNITY,” showcases the art of the most talented artists of the Tampa Bay area: Jose Rodeiro, Gina White, Dee Perconti, Diane Radel, and Linda Roberts. The show pictures everything that unites us: the love of mothers, concerns about our future, joy, grief, and love. In this video, you have a great opportunity to see this collection through the eyes of our guest artist, Jose Rodeiro, (Ph.D., MFA, and Visual Artist Fellow, National Endowment for the Arts. Retired professor of Art History and Philosophies of Art, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ).

Art in Bloom

The collection of work titled, “ART IN BLOOM”, showcases the floral work of Shelly Augsbury, painting under her initials, SEA.

Transplanted from Atlanta, SEA is a working artist and children’s book author/illustrator in the Tampa Bay area. SEA is known for her bold colors and joyful feelings she portrays on canvas. Her work has been featured at The Dali Museum Store, Children’s Exploration Museum, ABC Action News, Suntan Art Gallery, The Vinoy, and various exhibitions around the Southeast.

shellyaugsbury.com okalanitheoctopus.com

My Visual Voice

Imagine your favorite cartoon character. Now take away the solid black outlines, and picture them rendered in the soft, familiar style of a painter like Norman Rockwell. What you’ve got in mind is the work of Joel Santana, who creates fun, charming, and expressive illustrations in a unique style that’s inspired by two of the finest traditions in American image-making – Disney movies and mid-century Realism. Some of Joel’s clients include Champs/FootLocker, Walt Disney World, Royal Bobbles, Dunn & Co Advertising, Hot Topic, BoxLunch, Publix and Acme Archives Direct. Follow the artist on IG:  @officialartofsantana/

The Journey

Gina White
April-June 2021


Ronn Johnson
August 2021

Colors of Healing & Joy

December 2020 - January 2021

Contemporary Xylography

Jose Oscar Torres Pereyra
January 24th - March 9th, 2020

Christmas Stories

December 1st - January 14th, 2019 -2020

Spirit of Cuba

October 2019

Living Love Mural

Nic Vasquez
September 22, 2019

Āhopian Tō

Āhopian Tō: A Meta-Narrative of the Ultimate Narrative August 25th through September 25, 2019

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