Maintaining a Relationship with Christ During the College Years 

By Our Savior
On August 17, 2023

It’s an exciting time for you. High school has ended, and you’re preparing to head off to college to continue your education and develop the skills that will allow you to succeed as you begin that final transition into adulthood. While several changes have already occurred and have yet to happen, there will always be one consistency in your life—your relationship with Christ. And as you enter adulthood, this relationship is more important than ever to maintain. 

Entering School 

Being a member of Christ’s family is not a part-term commitment, nor is it “just a phase” to undergo in your adolescence. As you enter campus life, temptation and hardship will be waiting to greet you. If you’re attending a school that’s out of state, this is where these manifestations will be at their strongest. Even before you get settled into your dorm and start cramming for those midterm exams, it’s important that you find a church that will lend the necessary support that you need to continue your bond with Christ. 

Finding Fellowship and an Appropriate Church 

One of the most wonderful aspects of living in the United States is the freedom our constitution grants us in regard to the free practice of religion. As such, many campuses have churches and fellowships for students who are fully intent on maintaining their oath with Christ and staying true to the vows that they took upon them at baptism. There’s no doubt that you’ll be confronted with behaviors and individuals that will drive you off of your path and hinder your walk in Christ's footsteps. Finding the ideal fellowship and the right church will strengthen you as you undertake this important phase in your life. 

Be Wary of False Promises 

Campus life can be very hedonistic and tempting. The false prophets and wicked trees that are mentioned in the scriptures can take the form of parties, substance abuse, and campus organizations that promise more harm than good. 

Our Savior Lutheran Church 

If you or someone you care for is getting ready for campus life and is in need of strength or guidance, our doors and hearts are always open, and we’re always willing to help those who seek it. For more information about our fellowship, ministries, and organization, you can visit our website or simply stop by and visit us at 301 58th Street S in St. Petersburg.

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