The Importance of Reading the Bible

By Our Savior
On April 28, 2023

As we go about with our busy day, we sometimes lose track of the important matters that make our relationship with Christ fulfilling. One thing that we all should be doing more of is spending time in God’s word, and the best way to do this and engulf ourselves in his wisdom is by reading the Bible. His wisdom is right there for us to benefit from, and by reading the word, we can experience it firsthand and have our lives enriched by it. 

Importance of Reading the Bible

Growing in Wisdom 

We’re all children of God. And as children, one of the most fundamental aspects is to grow. Much like the tree that only bears good fruit, we ourselves are obligated to produce goodness and loving grace through our relationship with Christ. By reading the Bible, we learn new ways not only to grow closer to him but also to grow in wisdom and understanding, which are both fundamental to being devout followers. 

Repetition and Habit 

Despite our best efforts to do so, many Christians see reading the Bible as an obligation or chore. That is, something we have to do rather than something we wish to do. Setting aside time each day and giving it to God by spending time in his word is a great way to teach ourselves obedience by making it routine. It’s essential to run to God not as an adult who feels like he has to fulfill an obligation but as an eager child who cannot wait to receive precious gifts that will fulfill and enrich his life. 

Approach and Understand 

When you approach the Bible, never do so with a hardened heart. Before each time you read, pray to him and ask that his love soften your heart and that his wisdom reach you in a rewarding and fulfilling way. If you’re concerned that some of the passages might be too complex, take time to ponder each one as you read. A great way to ensure a truly rewarding experience is to gather in study groups with a few close friends. You can discuss how specific passages apply to your life, and you can share how the experience has helped strengthen your relationship with him. It’s also a wonderful way to bolster accountability with those who you cherish most. 

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