NAV (Non-Adult Volunteer)
What is the NAV program?


The NAV program is designed for high school students to serve at Our Savior as “non-adult volunteers.”
As teens move into high school, our goal is to equip, challenge, and mobilize our senior high toward helping facilitate youth ministry gatherings as a leader – not exclusively as a participant.

What do NAV’s do?
NAV’s will partner with the youth minister and other adult leaders, helping primarily with our FIRST and THIRD Friday youth gatherings. NAV’s will help with setup/cleanup, sign-in and sign-out procedures, crowd management, facilitation of activities, concessions (if needed), and upholding safety standards.

What is expected of NAV’s?
NAV’s are expected to become MORE than just participants. NAV’s will be expected to lead others by example, help encourage younger students, model competitive but respectful interaction, speak/act in a way that represents the character of Christ, alert adult leaders of unsafe or inappropriate behavior, be accountable and respectful, echo instruction and guidance provided by adult leaders.

5 NAV Points (questions to ask throughout a gathering)
1. Am I being helpful to an adult leader or youth participant?
2. Am I modeling the guidelines and practices of our code-of-conduct?
3. Am I aware of youth participants who are withdrawn or “left out?”
4. Am I faithfully serving in the role that I was given?
5. Have I asked to serve elsewhere if my current role is no longer


How can I become a NAV?

Please read the Code of Conduct before starting application.

Code of Conduct

Complete the registration below. Graham will be reaching out to connect with you about this exciting opportunity!