Are you ready to make an IMPACT in the community with others who share a similar passion? Check out the various Community Impact Teams below that you can be a part of! To join a team, simply contact a leader below.



Impact Team Leaders: Erin and Marenda Macking (

This Community Impact Team will focus on reaching out to college students who are Our Savior members. Our focus will be to keep them connected by praying for them, sending them cards and occasional care packages, and inviting them to church when they’re home.



Impact Team Leader: MaryAnne Futch (

This Community Impact Team will focus on the residents of Sabal Palms who are in need of friendship and visitors. The goal of this team is to make an impact by building relationships and sharing the Gospel.



Impact Team Leaders: Erika Sparks and Brian Bakken (;

This Community Impact Team has a passion to develop meaningful relationships between adults, deepen our relationship with Christ, learn to cultivate an environment of faith in our homes, and teach our children to serve.



Impact Team Leaders: Dianna Voss and Graham Barber (;

This Community Impact Team will support foster/guardian families, seek to provide opportunities to children in athletics, arts, music, etc., and in other areas that might be needed.



Impact Team Leader: Sheila Hanes (

This Community Impact Team will focus on making home visits to individuals who need assistance with something specific. There are many people in our community who have limited resources or many who would benefit from a helping hand, and this group will work with these individuals.



Impact Team Leaders: Sue Schneck and Pastor Chris Futch (;

Imagine assimilating to a new environment in which you are not yet connected nor acclimated. This Community Impact Team will focus on meeting the needs of immigrant families in our area by providing a listening ear and a helping hand.



Impact Team Leader: Graham Barber (

This Community Impact Team will focus on building relationships with the children, families, and staff at the Children’s Center at Sabal Palms.



Impact Team Leader: Kim Fritz (

While some school families are connected to a church, many have little exposure to a Christian community. This Community Impact Team will focus on building strong relationships with our school families.



Impact Team Leader: Pastor Paul Burtzlaff (

Marriage is essentially one broken mess—you—becoming “one flesh” (Genesis 2:24) with another broken mess—yes, your lovely spouse. Any relationship requires time, energy, effort and teamwork to be healthy. This Community Impact Team will focus on building Biblically strong, healthy marriages and relationships while reaching out to others with the same goal.

Additional questions? Please contact Pastor Paul ( or Pastor Chris (

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