Artist intro by Rachel Shockey

August 25th through September 25, 2019 at Our Savior St. Petersburg.

First Art exhibition at OSL shows how different generations and artists, working in different styles and mediums use their talents to honor and worship God. The exhibition contains art installation Āhopian Tō by Rachel Shockey, mixed-media collages by Dee Perconti and homage to Rembrandt van Rijh by Helmut Preiss.
Rachel Shockey
Rachel is a fine-art artist and works as a painter, graphic designer and illustrator. She works with various mediums, including charcoal, conte, and watercolor; but she has over 20 years of experience working with oils, which is her favorite medium. Her painting style ranges from realism to impressionism and her subject matter is drawn from her various passions, which include literature, sci-fi and fantasy genres, the beauty of nature and her Christian faith.
“Āhopian Tō: A Meta-Narrative of the Ultimate Narrative,” is an art exhibition which tells my story of finding Jesus Christ and some of the moments in my life when I encountered evidence for the truth of Christianity. It is a sensory exhibit that includes visual art, literature, music, scents, and textiles which relate to each moment. I invite you to step into my story and discover how God invites every one of us into His narrative of hope!
Āhopian Tō is Old English and it means, “to hope for and trust in.”
Dee Perconti
Dee Perconti is a collage artist whose focus is dramatic transformation. Her passion for change began when she was a child. She worked hard on recreating herself and is still evolving. She enjoys taking something plain and remaking it, until it shines. Redecorating and re-purposing gives her joy.
One of the influences and inspirations on Dee’s art is her advocacy work for Rapha House. Rapha House is an organization that rescues, loves and heals little girls who have been victims of human trafficking. Because of Rapha House, these children have been transformed and given a second chance at life. To see the resiliency of the human spirit and how the kids bounce back from the most horrific abuse, is miraculous.
Helmut Preiss
Helmut Preiss was a Postwar and Contemporary artist. Helmut was born in 1941 in Vienna, Austria, and attended the Academy of Art, Vienna at the age of 16. There he studied the painting and drawing techniques of the old masters. As you look at his work, you will see the influence of his fine, classical training, as well.